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The Medic 32 Links Page

These are some links that we hope you like and/or find useful. Some of these links are for fun and some of them ore more on the serious side.


Link to MergiNet


Stafford County's Public Safety Page
(This page has multiple county public safety links as well as the county's fire & EMS training opportunities.)

IAFFStafford County Fire Fighter's Association

Mountain View Volunteer Rescue Squad

Mark Robinson's Homepage

Dean's Homepage
(Dean Thompson is one of the EMS sergeants with SCEMS.)

(This Web Site contains some of the background images used here.)

Medic 32 Home Page
Back to the Medic 32 Home Page

Stafford Fire/EMS Frequencies Check out the units at our station
Meet the Crew Around the Station
  Response Vehicle

Our Picture Page

Tammy's Picture Page

1999 Call Volume



Updated 02/11/2000