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This is the Unofficial
Medic 32 Web Site

Medic 32 is located in Stafford County, Virginia and is one of 3 ALS ambulances and 2 ALS response vehicles staffed by the county within a career/volunteer EMS system. There are 8 volunteer EMS departments and our 1 career department in Stafford County. Our EMS department is a third service governmental department that is under the Department of Emergency Management. Our department has 15 employees. Of those 15 employees, we have 1 Captain, 2 Sergeants, 10 full time ALS providers (Paramedic and State of Virginia Cardiac Tech), and 2 part time ALS providers.

All of the other career units, except for Medic 32, are on duty from 0440 - 1800 Monday through Friday. Medic 32's shift is from 0540 - 1900 Monday throught Friday. We are off nights, weekends, and government holidays. The volunteers cover the county's EMS calls when the county units are off duty. Also, the volunteers also staff units during the day when they have personnel available. All EMS units are dispatched equally (county vs. volunteer) based on their patient care level (ALS vs. BLS).

Medic 32 is housed at the Mountain View Volunteer Rescue Squad at the intersection of Mt. View and Kellog Mill Road in Stafford County. We call ourselves.........


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