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Transmission Oil Cooler Installation
(1997 V8 with AC)

I have provided this parts list and installation instructions for installing a Transmission Oil Cooler on a 1997 V8 Dakota with AC as a resource for other Dakota owners who may be wanting to install a cooler on their truck. When I installed my transmission cooler, I couldn't find any Dakota specific information on this topic to help me out. (Yes, I even checked with several local transmission shops for information/help without any success.)

I hope that this information helps someone

To see pictures of the installed cooler click here.

Parts List:

  • 1 B&M Super Cooler for 19,000 GVW--part #70268
    (Note: The fittings supplied with the cooler do NOT fit the transmision lines on the Dakota. The Dakota has 3/8" transmission lines. The fittings supplied are for 5/16" lines, which are the most common size.)

  • 1 Aeroquip AQP Socketless hose fitting, straight, AN-06, --part #FCM 1532

  • 1 Aeroquip AQP Socketless hose fitting, 90 degree, AN-06, --part #FCM 1512

  • 1 Aeroquip 90 degree flare elbow union, AN-06, part #FCM2120

  • 1 Washer to use as a spacer on the fan shroud

(Note: You can use 2 straight hose fittings instead of 1 straight and 1, 90 degree. This will save you a little money in fittings.)

Installation Instructions:
(These are pretty basic, but they should help.)

  1. Loosen the mounting screw holding the AC condenser to the front of the radiator.
    (You may have to take the AC condenser off in order to mount the trans cooler. I was able to loosen the condenser and reach between it and the radiator to insert the trans cooler mounting straps. If you have big arms, forget it.)

  2. Hold the trans cooler in the desired mounting position and mark the location for the mounting straps.

  3. "Wobble" out the fins in the AC condenser to allow the trans cooler mounting straps to pass through.
    (Make sure that you are only bending the cooling fins on the AC condenser. Use caution and do NOT puncture a line within the AC condenser.)

  4. Mount the trans cooler to the front of the AC condenser using the supplied mounting hardware.

  5. Loosen the fan shroud on the right side of the vehicle.
    (This will allow for some needed clearance for manipulation of the factory trans line.)

  6. Remove the top transmission line from the radiator.
    (This line is on the right side and is the return line.)

  7. Install the straight fitting to the radiator and the 90 degree fitting to the transmission line.

  8. Run the hoses supplied to the trans cooler and newly installed fittings.
    (Be sure to watch for any rub/friction spots and protect these hoses appropriately.)

  9. Tighten up the AC condenser and fan shroud.
    (You will need to use the washer to act as a spacer between the shroud and radiator to allow for clearance of the factory transmission line.)

  10. Start up your truck and check for leaks.
    (Be sure to shift the trans through all of the gears while checking for leaks.)

  11. Check the trans fluid level.

  12. Road test and recheck for leaks. Also, recheck the trans fluid level.

  13. If there are no leaks or problems, you should be done!!

Remember: Periodically check the cooler for leaks and worn or cracked hoses. Also, don't forget to check that transmission fluid level as well.


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Updated 03/01/1999