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S-bolt Fabrication How-To
Click the S-bolt pic to see the engineering print

Thanks to Mike Clark for the S-bolt photo!

rpm p/n rpm1000 Not much to this mod really. The reason for replacing the stock bracket assembly becomes obvious when you see it. The bracket that holds the air hat actually blocks a portion of each throttle bore. Not a good situation for performance. The overall height of the S-bolt you'll need will depend upon the air cleaner element you use. If following the FABM recommended part numbers the engineering print (click the S-bolt pic to the left) will give you dimensions. There are a couple of givens. The offset from the throttle body threaded hole to the center of the air cleaner is 7/8". The thread is a 1/4 - 20. Threaded rod works fine but if you're doing this by hand as I did (using two pairs of pliers or vise grips) failure to hit the correct offset on the first shot can result in weakening the rod and breakage. I used a 2" center to center U-bolt. The unthreaded center section is much stronger.

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Updated 10/13/98